Sunday, August 14, 2011

First three books published, three more coming soon!

We are happy to report that our first three books are now published and circulating with readers all over the country -- Cargon, Honour & Privilege by Kimberly Gould; The Deliberation by Donna Brown Wilkerson and Dawn S. Scruggs; and Side Effects by Jennifer M. Barry are available on Amazon (print and Kindle version); at Google e-Books in PDF and Epub formats and also available for order from bookstores.
Coming soon is Particular Stones by David J. Kirk and Suburban Hustler by Robin Boren.
These authors have truly been a joy to work with.
It's a great feeling when you get to tell an author his or her book has been accepted for publication and it's an even better feeling to see that book go from concept to finished, tangible product.
We are happy to have started a company that has so many positive outcomes.
Queries are still pouring in even though we closed MSP to submissions until Sept. 30 so we can catch up -- this is a good problem to have.
However, if you have submitted to us during this time, please know you will hear from us after Sept. 30.
We are moving into the last quarter of the year surrounded by much excitement and knowing that 2012 is shaping up to be even more promising than our first year.
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Denise and Melissa