Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

As the holiday approaches, I am thrilled to announce that two more titles are now in publication from Martin Sisters Publishing, LLC. Letting Go of K.C. and Memoirs of a Trumpet Teacher are MSP's newest titles.
Submissions keep pouring in, and as Denise is trying to keep up with those, I am busy with editing and cover design. We are on schedule to not only meet but exceed our goals for 2011. When we opened in January 2011, it was our hope that we would bring at least 10 books into publication. As of now, we are at nine and by the end of the year will have 15!
Many of our authors are involved in extensive marketing campaigns with their first titles. Donna Brown Wilkerson and Dawn S. Scruggs, authors of The Deliberation, recently attended the Kentucky Book Fair in Frankfort; Ron Nichols, author of Where the Sky Doesn't End, has been working diligently on print and online marketing; Jennifer M. Barry, author of Side Effects, is always hard at work marketing her title through social media and other online media outlets; David Kirk, author of Particular Stones, is busy as well making sure his young adult title gets into the hands of those anxious young readers. Our other titles: Cargon, Honour & Privilege by Kimberly Gould, The Power by Sherian McCoy, and Suburban Hustler by Robin Boren are finding their way into that hands of fans as well.
As technology becomes more user friendly, the world of marketing is becoming smaller. Many of our authors are now using Skype to host book events all across the country and even beyond. Many book clubs and readers groups would be thrilled to have an author show up at their meeting but logistically that isn't always possible. However, through the video-conferencing possibilities of Skype, which by the way is as easy to use as Facebook -- no, wait, it's easier, book clubs and readers groups can invite their favorite authors right into their homes or libraries.
As Denise and I look forward to the Christmas season, we are satisfied with what our fledgling company has accomplished during its first year, and are excited to see what's in store for 2012!
Best Wishes,