About the Sisters

We are two real sisters who are self-made women that started from meager beginnings.
After years of hard work and sacrifice we have arrived at a place where we are fulfilled emotionally and professionally and realize it is time to do what we love.  Our company is personal to us and can be seen in every element from our logo to our many publishing imprints.  There is a story behind everything.
The two maples leaves on our logo represent each of us.  Fall is our favorite season and the maple tree is indigenous to the beautiful mountains we see every day. We are both entering the fall of our lives, a place we hope to stay for a very long time. 
The turning of the maple leaf amidst the kaleidoscope of the mighty  oaks and  gentle cedars bring vibrant colors for nature’s canvas.   We now are ready to bring our unique  splash of color to the publishing industry .
Welcome. We hope you visit us often.
Melissa and Denise