Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Reviews for two great novels!

by Summer Hanford, author of Gift of the Aluien

The Kingdom by Jennifer M. Barry

The Kingdom is an engaging love story with a supernatural twist. It’s a beautifully written novel that captures the essence of first love. The hero, Prince Rioghan, is portrayed perfectly as a soul being saved by love, and the heroin, Lily, has depth as well as charm. The cast of supporting characters are interesting and dynamic, adding an extra flare to the novel. If I could change one thing about this novel, it would only be to make it longer. The ending, while satisfying, left me wanting more.

Return of the White Deer by Robert Sells

Return of the White Deer is smoothly written in an old-fashioned omniscient fairytale style. For all those who grew up reading fantasy from the fifties and sixties, Return of the White Deer harkens back to that childhood love of a well told tale of adventure, daring and surprise. It follows the life of a young boy who seems destined for greatness, revealing not only his secrets but the secrets of those around him as well. The plot is livened up with alluring twists and turns and has just enough mystery to leave you guessing. Robert Sells does a wonderful job casting a net of doubt, while pulling together every aspect of the tale for a singularly satisfying ending. My only fear upon beginning this novel, that it might be too brutal in its handling of animals for my taste, turned out to be totally unfounded and, in fact, a theme completely opposite to that of the book. It’s a terrific adventure, suitable for all ages.

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