Thursday, July 11, 2013

Using research to fuel creativity in your writing!

Hello! I'm Kayla Curry and I have one book published with Martin Sisters Publishing--soon to be two. My debut novel, Obsidian was published in August of 2012 and Moonstone is next!

Today I would like to talk to you about my writing process.

First, I start with the idea. It is the foundation for any writer. I have at least one idea for a story every day, but only a few of them actually push me to write. The primary characters usually accompany the idea.

Once I have the idea, sometimes I will write a little, but every time I will research like crazy. Research is the fuel for my creativity. When I'm searching the internet for information on my main setting or the culture I include in my story, I start to form secondary characters.

After doing some preliminary research, I will then begin to write and write and write. The program I use is Scrivener. It's extremely helpful for organization. I don't use an outline because I never know where the story will take me. If I run out of steam while I write, I will do more research to refuel my knowledge and further develop my characters.

About halfway through the word count goal, I will evaluate my characters. I literally put each one through psychology tests. These mainly include personality tests and this helps me make sure that my characters are developing how I want them to and also provide a blueprint for where they will go from the midpoint. They will take the test again once the book is written. Tests like this can be found online for free.

I keep notes on technical things like how many weapons a character has, what day they met other characters and eventually, I will map out their lives in a timeline. This comes in handy when I'm doing the second draft. The notes will be helpful in determining if there are continuity errors or plot holes.

After the second draft, I self-edit once more before getting it ready to send to Martin Sisters Publishing or in the case of my short stories, which I self-publish, my beta readers. This is when the editing process starts.

Thanks for reading! I'd love to see how you write in the comments section!

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